About Atchafalaya Intracoastal Coalition

The Atchafalaya Intracoastal Coalition Mission

The ATCHAFALAYA INTRACOASTAL COALITION (AIC) is a nonprofit corporation whose mission shall be the promotion of economic development within the St. Mary Parish (Area) and the advancement of those things which make for the civic betterment of the Area, including the following objects and purposes:

  • To promote fellowship and a better understanding of the mutual problems affecting those engaged in industry and business.
  • To render a service to the members and community by offering advice and guidance on matters affecting industry.
  • To encourage the application of scientific methods to human problems of industry and business thereby increasing efficiency.
  • To keep in touch with modem thoughts and trends in industry by securing speakers of prominence and outstanding ability in their vocations or professions.
  • To join allied associations, and send delegates to regional meetings and conventions, to take any other action generally consistent with the goals of the organization.

Membership Eligibility

Eligibility for membership shall be restricted to firms, corporations, businesses or individuals who are interested in the economic development of the St. Mary Parish area (Area), otherwise meet the criteria described herein below. Members who qualify under these circumstances hereof shall be known as Voting Members.

Membership may be extended to persons who are not eligible under the provisions above upon approval of the majority of the Board of Directors. Such members shall be known as Non-Voting Members and shall have no voting privileges. Non-Voting Members shall be eligible to upgrade their membership status to Voting Members after complying with the provisions for membership upgrade which shall be set out in the By-Laws.

No two representatives of a member firm, corporation or business place shall hold office at any one time. Only one representative from such firm, corporation or business place shall be eligible to hold office or vote; but any representative may at any time act as an alternate in voting. Regardless of how many representatives there are from the same firm, corporation or business place, only one vote may be cast.

Members shall be accepted only after an application is submitted and passed upon by the membership committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

Membership Dues

The amount of the dues for Membership in the Corporation of each Member shall be as set annually, or at such other times by the Board, and shall be payable to the Treasurer of the Corporation on or before January 15th of each calendar year.

Membership levels and annual dues shall be as follows (until changed by the Board of the

Individual/Small Business (less than 10 employees) $275

Medium-Sized Business (10-100 employees) $330

Large-Sized Business (over 100 employees) $440

Additional Representatives of Member Businesses $220

Monthly Membership Luncheon

AIC generally meets on the second Monday of each month, at noon, at the Petroleum Club of Morgan City.

The luncheons will include guest speakers updating us on issues impacting our area business and industry.

Your membership in AIC includes lunch for one at every monthly membership luncheon at no charge.

Guests are welcome to attend at a cost of $25, collected at the door.

Each additional company representative can join AIC by paying a reduced fee of $220, which includes free monthly luncheons.

2023 AIC membership investments (January-December 2023) includes business membership and one primary business representative.