Atchafalaya Intracoastal Coalition

Atchafalaya Intracoastal Coalition

What Is The Atchafalaya Intracoastal Coalition?

The ATCHAFALAYA INTRACOASTAL COALITION (AIC) is a nonprofit corporation whose mission shall be the promotion of economic development within the St. Mary Parish area and the advancement of those things which make for the civic betterment for all living in and around St. Mary Parish.

Atchfalaya River Bridge with barges
Atchfalaya River at night
Atchfalaya River shrimp boat

Why Join Atchafalaya Intracoastal Coalition?

When you become a member of the Atchafalaya Intracoastal Cooalition, you immediately become part of a group that is working to improve the economic situation of the community in which you live and work in. As part of our group, you will be in the know about all efforts being made to uphold our mission. This knowledge will help you navigate obstacles and make better decisions for your business endeavors. Our monthly meetings are also a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals for easy discussions in regard to the industrial environment of St. Mary Parish.

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Upcoming AIC Events

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